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Community terms of use

This information governs the terms of use of the community set up on the website (Site) and called Intavoliamo (Community).

The Community is managed by I&T s.r.l. innovative start-up with registered office in via Vertoiba 2 (20137) Milan, share capital Euro 22,000.00, VAT number 09780790961, (I&T), email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +39 02 56 56 9990.

The Community's purpose is to put the users of the Site in contact, to share material and information relating to food products and to allow users to obtain discount vouchers to spend on the Site as a result of sending I&T material of interest.

The use of the Community is allowed only to adults.

Access to and use of the Community implies acceptance of these terms of use.

1. How to access the Community

1.1 Access to the Community is reserved only for users who are registered on the Site.

1.2 The user registered on the Site who intends to access the Community must click on the "login" banner on the home page of the Site.

1.3 The banner will direct the user to a form in which he can indicate his email and password and request an invitation to I&T to take part in the Community.

1.4 The user will receive an email confirming registration to the Community.

1.5 The user is obliged to carefully store the login credentials to the Community and not to share them with anyone, relieving I&T of any responsibility in this regard.

2. Comments and content

2.1 It is forbidden for any member of the Community to:

  • send to I&T or otherwise publish on the Site content which is slanderous, defamatory, harassing, threatening, instigating, pornographic, obscene or vulgar. In particular, it is forbidden to use obscenities or vulgarities, expressions that suggest hatred or intolerance towards others on the basis of race, ethnicity, nationality, sex or sexual identity, religion, sexual orientation, age or disability;
  • send to I&T or otherwise publish on the Site Publish content that violates the privacy of other users. For example, it is forbidden to publish telephone numbers, addresses, e-mail addresses or other personal information and / or insert links to sites that contain malware or phishing;
  • lie about one's identity or pretend to be another person or entity;
  • repeatedly send messages or requests to other people;
  • try to remove visibility from the opinion of others, for example by repeatedly posting similar messages from multiple accounts or collaborating with other users for this purpose;
  • offend other Community users;
  • insert advertising, promotions and other promotional activities (direct or indirect) of any kind;
  • carry out political activity or solicitation to vote.

2.2 Furthermore, the user cannot violate the intellectual property rights or other proprietary rights of third parties.

2.3 It is also forbidden to send I&T or otherwise publish content on the Site that encourages or supports illegal behavior, such as violence, drug use, fraud, etc.

2.4 Each user can report potential violations of the above to I&T, to the contacts published on the Site. If I&T ascertains that a user has violated one or more of the above requirements, it may expel the user from the Community.

2.5 Furthermore, I&T has the right to exclude a user in the event that the latter has used the Community, even only once, for purposes other than those indicated in these Terms of Use.

2.6 I&T also has the right to delete any comment on the Community that does not comply with what is indicated in this article.

2.7 The expelled user or to whom I&T has deleted one or more comments undertakes as of now not to raise any type of dispute or legal action in this regard against I&T.

3 - Social material and obtaining discount coupons

3.1 Through the Community, each user will have the opportunity to send I&T photos and videos with the exclusive subject of food products, recipes, information on food and wine traditions, reporting of new products and companies that produce them, places where they can taste or find certain products and activities of interest in food and wine tourism (Social Material).

3.2 I&T, once it has examined the user's Social Material and checked that it is of relevance to other users of the Site and complies with the Community's Terms of Use, will publish the Social Material on the Site.

3.3 Each Social Material published on the Site will provide the Community user with points that can be converted into coupons to be spent for the purchase of products offered for sale on the Site, according to the conversion values ​​published on the Site (e.g. every 50 points, a discount voucher worth 5 euros; every 100 points, a discount voucher worth 10 euros).

3.4 I&T reserves at its sole discretion the right to assess from time to time whether the user's Social Material is of relevance to other users of the Site or whether it complies with the Community Terms of Use and, therefore, to publish or not the relevant material on the Site.

3.5 With reference to the Social Material, the user undertakes to transmit to I&T only material not covered by copyright or which in any case does not infringe the rights of third parties, undertaking to indemnify and hold I&T harmless from any liability or damage (even potential ) that may derive from the publication of the Social Material on the Site.

3.6 The user acknowledges that the material sent to I&T will remain the exclusive property of I&T, even after the possible closure of the user's existing account with the Community.

3.7 In this case, the material may remain published on the Site, subject to compliance with the personal data of the user and / or third parties.

3.8 The Site will indicate for which products it is possible to take advantage of the discount coupons obtained by sending Social Material to I&T.

3.9 Each discount voucher can be used only once and cannot be combined.

3.10 The discount voucher cannot be refunded.

3.11 The discount voucher can only be used for purchases over 50% of the value of the voucher: the user can integrate the payment with the payment tools on the Site.

4 - Changes

4.1 I&T reserves the right to make changes to this document without further notice. Therefore, it is the user's obligation to regularly access this page to view the most recent version of the Community terms of use.

4.2 View the most recent version of the Community terms of use.

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